InterVol, ONE Foundation and Bahamas Relief Efforts

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July 24, 2019
Intervol and ONE Foundation team up in Belize.
October 21, 2019

InterVol, ONE Foundation and Bahamas Relief Efforts

ONE Foundation and InterVol’s efforts connect communities and individuals in need with life-saving resources.

Catastrophe struck the Bahamas in August 2019 as Hurricane Dorian, the region’s most powerful hurricane to date, devastated Great Abaco Island and flooded a large portion of Grand Bahama. The CAT 5 hurricane brought 185 mph winds and a storm surge that reached nearly 24 feet.   Following the devastation, relief efforts are underway to provide aid and support to the islands and their residents.

The day after the Hurricane hit, The ONE Foundation jumped into action to support the tens of thousands of people left without shelter and supplies. To bolster our efforts we once again teamed up with longtime charitable partner InterVol, a Rochester, New York-based not-for-profit and to assist in relief efforts.   “We are proud to continue our charitable work with InterVol and applaud the team’s immediate response and the significant contributions to so many in need in the Bahamas” said Dan Palmier, Founder of The ONE Foundation.  Active in over 84 countries, Formerly the Palmier, Foundation, The ONE Foundation’s efforts have served hundreds of thousands of individuals, families, and communities since its inception in 2014.

Since initiating fundraising efforts, the team has sent 14,000 pounds of medical supplies, 30 generators, empty gas cans, boxes with cable locks, bolt cutters, 200 water filtration systems, and gallon buckets. Nearly $25,000 in donations have been raised to cover shipping costs.  InterVol also distributed donation boxes with personal care items throughout the communities of Bahama residents.

“The ONE Foundation’s continued support and involvement in the Bahamas relief effort have offset significant shipping costs and funded the purchase of new materials and supplies,” said Shaina Pumputis, media coordinator at InterVol. “Thanks to the team’s assistance, we have been able to focus on collecting supplies and getting them to all those affected in a timely manner.”